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The Immune Tolerance Network (ITN) is an international clinical research consortium sponsored by NIAID, part of the National Institutes of Health. ITN's mission is to advance the clinical application of immune tolerance therapies and biomarker development by performing high quality clinical trials of emerging therapeutics integrated with mechanism-based research with a focus on allergy & asthma, organ transplantation, and autoimmune disease including Type 1 diabetes.

ITN TrialShare shares information about ITN's clinical studies and specimen bio-repository with the scientific research community. Data and analysis code underlying ITN-published manuscripts are publicly available with the goal of promoting transparency, reproducibility, and scientific collaboration.

Sample Sharing: The ITN also has thousands of biological specimens from clinically well-phenotyped study participants that are available for investigators to request for their own research. An inventory of the available samples and information about submitting a request for specimens are available on ITN TrialShare.
Study Updates
The RAVE 18 month follow up manuscript Efficacy of Remission-Induction Regimens for ANCA-Associated Vasculitis (NEJM, 2013) has been published with links to the underlying data available in ITN TrialShare. See the NIAID press release here, and a blog post by Nature Medicine here. NEJM Logo
TrialShare featured in Clinical Informatics News
Clinical Informatics News profiles ITN TrialShare in the July 15, 2013 article "TrialShare Brings Much Needed Transparency to Clinical Trials Data."
ITN’s TrialShare wins Honorable Mention at Bio-IT World Best Practices Awards.
Out of the 34 products evaluated this year, ITN TrialShare received one of only two honorable mentions (see summary of the awards here). The Bio-IT World’s Best Practices Awards “recognize organizations for their outstanding innovations and excellence in the use of technologies and novel business strategies that will advance biomedical and translational research, drug development, and/or clinical trials.” Bio-IT World Best Practices
Type Total
Auto-antibody 1
Cytokine 10
Flow Cytometry 100
Gene Expression 1000
Pathology 10000
PCR 100000
Type Total
Plasma 40998
Serum 39816
PBMC 18558
Whole Blood 12383
RNA 7371
Other 2863

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